Elizabeth Island a star attraction on  Spy Pond Fun Day


Over 150 visitors enjoyed visiting Elizabeth Island during Spy Pond Fun Day on Saturday, September 16.  
With the able assistance of the Arlington-Belmont Crew and its fleet, visitors were able to get out on the Pond and explore the Island, many for the first time.

It was great to welcome so many visitors of all ages.  The trip was so popular that we had to turn some people away.  Next year, please come early!

Many thanks to our ALT volunteers, and the A-B Crew, for making this event an annual tradition.
Photos by Ram Subramanian Photography

Mugar 40B Application Submitted

August 31, 2016:  Oaktree Development has submitted its application to the Arlington Zoning Board of Appeals to build a 219-unit development at the Mugar site.

The entire document set is available to download HERE.  At 225 pages it is best to right-click and download the file rather than trying to open in a web browser.

Arlington Land Trust continues to advocate for the permanent protection of the Mugar parcel as conservation land.  The site lies almost entirely in the 100-year flood plain, is subject to regular and significant flooding, and is a critical stormwater buffer for the surrounding and downstream neighborhoods of East Arlington. 

Experience Arlington's Open Spaces



Take a walk around some of Arlington’s many attractive open spaces.

Arlington’s Open Space Committee is pleased to announce two initiatives that have been completed recently: an approved Open Space Plan and a new web-based application to assist users in visiting many of Arlington’s parks and other open space sites.

The Town’s updated Open Space and Recreation Plan for 2015-2022 has been approved by the Massachusetts Division of Conservation Services, the agency that oversees open space planning across the state. The complete Plan is posted on the Town’s website on the Open Space Committee page .

Section 5 of the Plan presents maps and descriptions of 20 major open space and recreation sites, with additional information on all of the more than 70 parks, playing fields, and conservation lands in Arlington. Other sections of the Plan present historical and environmental information on the Town, goals and objectives for future open space projects, and an action plan for implementing various projects in collaboration with many other Town departments, committees, and organizations.

Experiencing Arlington’s Open Spaces is a new web-based application based on the Plan. Developed by Arlington’s GIS planner, this app makes much of the site information readily available for viewing on your smart phone or tablet. For each open space site featured on the app there are multiple photographs and a brief description of the property, as well as a map showing access points and internal walking trails.

Please review the complete Plan online and test out the application, and let us know what you think. The Open Space Committee is an appointed Town committee that meets monthly and is open to visitors. See the committee website for more information.

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